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Browser Requirements

For optimum viewing and functionality of the Navy Federal Credit Union Home Center, Navy Federal requires members to use a compatible browser. Below we have provided direct links to Web browser providers whose browsers currently support Navy Federal Online® so you may download a compatible browser of your choice. While other browsers not on this list may work on our site, there may be some viewing and/or functionality limitations. To protect your personal computer (PC) from viruses and Trojans that could compromise information you view from your PC, we highly recommend that you install antivirus software, a firewall and spyware detection software.

The following browsers are compatible with the Navy Federal Credit Union Home Center:

ie_logoInternet Explorer

8.0 or later


4.0 or later


5.0 or later

google_chrome_logoGoogle Chrome

14.0 or later

AOL users can use a stand-alone compatible browser. Please note that downloading a stand-alone browser does not mean that you must change Internet Service Providers. You can continue to use AOL by signing on to AOL and running your stand-alone Web browser.

If you need technical assistance downloading your browser, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).