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After the Pre-approval

Some of the steps below may happen simultaneously depending on your particular situation. However, even though each home-buying process is unique, they all tend to follow the steps laid out in this list. Check our To-Do List for even more detailed information about the process.

  1. Get pre-approved.
  2. Make an offer and negotiate a contract.
  3. Send ratified contract to lender.
  4. Receive and review loan estimate.
  5. Lock in interest rate.
  6. Send required documents to lender to process and finalize the loan.
  7. Lender orders appraisal.
  8. Order/schedule any inspections per your contract (i.e., home inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, etc).
  9. Conduct walk-thru before closing.
  10. Gather funds for closing (i.e., down payment and closing costs).
  11. Receive Closing Disclosure from lender.
  12. Prepare a certified check or provide your account information to the settlement company to arrange payment for the amount shown on your final Closing Disclosure.
  13. Proceed to closing.